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Investment amount: US$2.700000
Factory area: lots of space 13.200sqm, construction area 11.500spm
CNC machining, powder coating, (bending and spinning equipment expansion plan)
Production: the lamp holder class (holder of fluorescent agent, and special MR16 lamp holder, plastic lamp holder), downlight, LED lighting, industrial and mining lamps, cast light, word lights, aluminum radiator, reflective glass, ballast box, all kinds of CNC machining parts, various clips, LED desk lamp, T5 molding, orbital socket
Certificate: South Korea KC, China CCC, ISO2004
Summary: new product development and production have adequate H / W infrastructure and for more than 20 years experience in the mold and the mechanism design expert lineup.
From the customer's new product development to the production process together with the more close business relationship oriented.
By providing ideas and basis for the design of the data with mechanism design, test wood industry design, mold making provide services, in order to produce cost at the cost of production to demand and South Korea compared to the relatively a short period of time have with low cost and high quality products.

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